Adulting World

About Me

Hi!  Welcome to my world.    🙂

I’m a late starter in the financial independence (FIRE) movement.  (Is it a movement? or just a way of living?)

I can’t publish my name, etc as I work in a field where there are very few of us and therefore am reasonably identifiable.

Anyway, I’m an Australian who has taken the loooong way to get to this adulting place where I seem to have my shit together…….FINALLY!  Although, as the photo above shows, sometimes adulting feels like a lot of work.

Despite years of spending gleefully, gaining and then obliterating mountains of debt I’m slowly moving towards financial freedom from a good foundation.

I’m lucky enough to have a career I love that now pays pretty well, but it is all encompassing, hence the focus over the last few years to build up financial freedom so I can choose when and where to work.

Thanks for reading this blog and I hope you enjoy it!